The Only UK based Independent Processors of Seed and Pulses for Human Consumption

With over 110 years of heritage and experience, we provide a quality service that you can rely upon.

We are a leading food and seed services company, specialising in processing and analysis. We are a partner to our customers and work closely with them to provide a solution for the end-user and consumer.

We have a passion for delivering greatness for all of our customers. By continuously assessing what we do and how we do it, and challenging the perceptions of our industry, we ensure we remain a constant, dependable and trusted partner to you.


Granta UK is a group company with two specialist divisions: processors and laboratory. These divisions work as part of a family, with the laboratory supporting the processing division and offering a dedicated specialist testing service to the trade.

Our core activity is processing seeds, grains and pulses for human consumption. The company offers a UK-based service, operating independently from trading houses, to improve the quality and guarantee the safety of imported food products to recognised standards. The company also specialises in recovering damaged cargo and reprocessing consignments that are delivered to the UK outside of specification.

We provide a first-class food and seed processing service, and a laboratory testing service, tailored to individual customers’ technical, quality and commercial requirements, using cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our people.

Through our specialist divisions, we are a one-stop shop for customers. We strive to deliver all seed, grain and pulse requirements, to recognised legislative quality standards, in our modern food factory and laboratory environments.


The origin of Granta UK goes back over 100 years. Frederic Smart, great grandfather of three of the directors, started trading grain in 1906. In 1919 he purchased a water mill at Whittlesford just south of Cambridge. His son joined him in business and in 1965 the business became Frederic Smart & Son Ltd.

Over the years the business expanded and became more involved with grain cleaning including imported pulses and seeds. In 1996, with several of the fourth generation coming into the business, it was decided to split the business and form two separate companies. Granta Processors was set up to continue the processing and analytical side of the original business. Frederic Smart & Son Ltd continued farm trading and transport and after one year moved to new premises where they now also offer storage facilities.

Granta Processors was incorporated in March 2015 to become Granta Processors Ltd and is now operating under the trading name of Granta UK

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