GrantaUK provides the food and agricultural trade with a range of specialist services to help you maximise product value and business potential.

As technical partners to our clients we are always available to help and advise on any points of seed or food science that falls within out area of expertise. Please be free to contact us to discuss your particular requirements with one of our experts.

Below are some of the more common questions about our services.

What do you recommend to test home saved seed for?

Select farm saved seed in the laboratory services page.

Can you do special packages or discounts?

Please enquire - we are happy to put together a bespoke package for your particular needs.

What 3rd party accreditations does the laboratory hold?

TASCC laboratory and Defra licensed seed testing station. See our accreditations page for downloadable certificates.

Which is the best germination test for me?

  • Guidance Germination – 7-9 day ‘growing’ test
    • Reliable estimate of seeds with potential to develop in the field under favourable conditions
    • Only test that shows chemical and disease damage and seed dormancy
  • Tetrazolium Germination - 24hr ‘stain’ test
    • Rapid test - results same day as sample arrival in lab
    • Shows drying damage, but not chemical or disease damage or dormancy
  • Tetrazolium Viability & Vigour - 5-7 day test
    • Rapid identification of vigour as well as seed viability
    • Useful where seedbed conditions are unlikely to be good

What tests do I need to do to check milling quality?

Select milling tests in the laboratory services page.

How long does a germination test take?

Up to 10 days for cereals and up to 14 days for pulses.

Can you do testing for disputes/claims?

Yes, our laboratory has the capability to test using reference methods, so a final say in a dispute/claim situation.

Can I drop samples off?

Yes, certainly!  Bring your samples to the reception at GrantaUK, Mill Lane, Whittlesford, Cambridge, CB22 4XL.

How do I explore the option of outsourcing my lab testing?

Email hello@grantalaboratory.com or use the contact us page.

How do I request a courier collection?

Contact the lab on 01223 499475 or use the contact us page.

Do you store samples I send to you?

All samples are stored for one month from completion of testing. If you require us to retain samples for longer than this, or return them to you please contact us.

Can you be adaptable with your reporting?

We can report in many different ways, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

What laboratory equipment do you have on site?

Email hello@grantalaboratory.com or use the contact us page.

What test methods do you use?

Email hello@grantalaboratory.com or use the contact us page.

What experience and qualifications do your staff have?

Email hello@grantalaboratory.com or use the contact us page.

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