Soil Samplers

Stainless steel constructed soil samplers for ultimate durability and easy cleaning

Choose from a selection of well constructed soil samplers - they're durable and the stainless steel construction prevents cross-contamination.

The QuickSoil sampler was designed by our team and includes a tapering core and collection hopper to give a self-collecting and cleaning sampler. No need to carry buckets and other tools round the field with you!


  • The most efficient soil sampling tool available
  • Built-in soil collection hopper
  • Self cleaning
  • Very fast to use
  • Foot pedal for easy insertion into hard soil
  • All stainless steel construction


MiniSoil - stainless steel

For pot plants and raised growing beds.


LongSoil - Stainless Steel

Gouge type soil sampler wih extra sampling depth.


FootSoil - Stainless Steel

Gouge type soil sampler with heavier construction and a foot rest for easy insertion.
Particularly good for hard soil.


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